Why Delta 9 THC + CBD?

The question is why not?! Or let us tell you why…

For all you avid users and newcomers, let’s get back to basics, the entourage effect. Cannabinoids have more benefits together than alone. While you get to enjoy all the great health benefits of full spectrum CBD, get lifted with a bonus of Delta-9 THC. Our Delta-9 THC line was created with YOU in mind while staying in line with the legal limit. See below for the mg information!

  • Hemp-derived Delta-9 THC: 10mg
  • CBD: 50mg
  • Flavors: Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Passionfruit, and Green Apple.

Please use with caution! 21+

Unlike other gummies out there, these stand up to the heat and they don’t melt in your pocket!

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